The Biggest Design Trends in Tiles For 2023

The Biggest Design Trends in Tiles For 2023

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a timeless feature to use in any renovation or new-build project. Their versatility makes them an excellent addition whether you're doing a kitchen or a bathroom and many more areas in either a home or a business. They can be used in interesting and inventive ways no matter where they're being used, and as home renovations and DIY projects go further and get more complex, innovative trends are also coming to the forefront of tiles!

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are an exciting and sleek look that you can easily adapt to thousands of variations. This can be used with any shape. Traditionally, squares and rectangles are the most popular because they're the easiest to accomplish; however, variety is sprouting in hexagons, chevrons, and a variety of different shapes and sizes. Herringbone and octagon patterns are popular choices that harken back to an older era, but the most daring designers aren't afraid to create a fresh new pattern and style. Using different sizes, colours, and textures of pattern tiles can create a sense of movement and life in an otherwise static space.

geometric pattern tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

Bringing the old back refreshed and renewed is a great way to leverage classic beauty. Terrazzo, used for decades as a slab floor of concrete with marble chips embedded inside, is taking over the tile world! The pattern is random enough to bring energy and engagement into a room without it becoming cluttered or chaotic. For example, tying colours inside the terrazzo tiles to accents in your bathroom can create a cohesive feeling with a striking visual.

Larger Tiles

While smaller tiles have been popular for years, larger tiles are making a big splash on the scene. These can be rectangular or square, with some tiles even taking on the look of long wooden planks. Using large tiles can give a sleek, simplistic look that also carries a lot of depth and makes a small space look bigger.

White is Still Fashionable

Although sometimes stuck with the moniker “boring”, white tiles have a timeless elegance. Still very much in fashion, leveraging geometric shapes with these simple tiles can create dramatic movement while fostering calm and peace in a room. This makes them perfect for bathrooms where you might want to create a calming and serene emotion.

white bathroom tiles

Marble and Natural Stone Tiles

As more designers turn to natural looks and green production methods, natural materials are making their way back into design. But, of course, marble has always had a place in the home, specifically in bathrooms and kitchens, and that's only growing. The skyrocketing variety of marbles (contrasting marbles with a dark background and veins of white or gold, or coloured marbles, for instance) makes marbles and other natural materials such as cement and terracotta a perfect way to bring the peace of the outdoors to the luxury of indoors.

Find The Right Tile Trend For Your Next Project

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a perfect medium for creating a beautiful space. They fade into the background when ignored, but when treated correctly with the right colours, patterns, or arrangement, you can use the wide variety of different types of tiles to elevate any space. Check out our full catalogue for more inspiration and ideas or get in touch with us for help and advice on what tiles you can use for your next tiling project!