How The New Terrazzo Tile Style Can Beautify Your Home

How The New Terrazzo Tile Style Can Beautify Your Home

Originating in Italy 500 years ago, timeless terrazzo tiles are those beautiful flecks of marble that dazzle and inspire. Traditional terrazzo is a luxurious purchase, as the final floor can take hours to make due to the intricate process of incorporating the multiple marble chips. However the development of terrazzo effect tiles have allowed the style to blossom across homes and commercial properties worldwide, creating an almost identical effect without the huge fee attached. Internet searches for Terrazzo have grown by 300% in recent years, indicating the increasing popularity and demand we have today. Read on to find out more about the beauty of the new terrazzo tile style by Adora Tile!

The New Terrazzo Tile Style Can Go Anywhere In Your Home

The beauty of the style is that it's not only terrazzo flooring that benefits from the uniqueness of the design. Terrazzo effect walls are a must-have trend for any room in your home or commercial property. Our Straciatella Nàcar Matt is perfect for a glittering white feature wall for a terrazzo bathroom. In a stark contrast, the Straciatella Grafito Matt is a deep noir that adds some moody intrigue to your terrazzo kitchen floor. The style has evolved beyond flooring and can adorn any area of your home. The options are limitless!

Versatility At Its Finest 

Traditional terrazzo is usually a darker hue, but the new terrazzo style has embraced a vibrant colour palette. At Adora Tile our terrazzo background style ranges from dazzling whites to darker hues, with a full range of colours in between. The terrazzo chips themselves also add a dash of colour to the background for huge variety. Our Elburg Ribe-R Antracita has a background and chips which complement each other with a crisp grey backdrop hosting glittering silver and white marble chips. Draw people into your commercial property with the glimmering enticement of terrazzo, or show off your style to friends in your very own home.

Infinity Terrazzo Tiling: Make Your Property Limitless

The beauty of terrazzo tiling is limitless, and allows you to expand the terrazzo style to any space, including stairs, hallways, outdoors, and even kitchen worktops! Our Sonar Dark tiles look like stars in the night sky - you can just imagine them spilling over into the floors and walls of your home. Infinity terrazzo is a new concept where the simplicity of the design allows you to install the effect in more than one dimension. At a commercial property, infinity terrazzo can create a memorable draw for new clients and leave a lasting impression.

A Modern Yet Timeless Take On The Classic

Although the new terrazzo style has created an inventive twist on the classic, there are still subtle nods back to the Italian creatives. Our Ceppo di Gres terrazzo effect style is a symbol of modernity, with sleek white chips framed in a stunning grey backdrop. Yet it also serves as an homage to the original industrial style that made terrazzo so popular.

At Adora Tile, we stock a carefully curated selection of terrazzo effect tiles to cater for both commercial and private properties. Browse our range today or talk to us today for more advice on how terrazzo can be used to beautify your property!